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Check your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors frequently!  





Proudly  serving  our  community  through  the  joint  effort  of 

volunteer  and  career  personnel.  


Mission Statement

The purpose of North Warren Volunteer Fire & Rescue of Warren County Virginia is to provide emergency and public services to any resident within Warren County, visitor to our county, or any mutual jurisdiction requesting assistance. These services may include but are not limited to fire prevention, suppression activities, emergency medical service, rescue, or education and public services.




         It's Almost Here!


We are very proud of how our community came together for this much needed project  As always we appreciate the support of your local fire department.

         Celebration/Meeting Hall Available

        We have a  beautiful hall for all of your events.  

        Click  On  "Celebration/Meeting Hall"  Tab  On  Left  For  Further  Details


Practice Fire Safety With Your Family - Have An Escape Plan In Place




The sad state of affairs the volunteer fire & EMS companies are facing in the United States and

your hometowns.



The North Warren Volunteer Fire and Rescue Needs You!

The North Warren Volunteer Fire and Rescue Company is looking for additional help in providing

Emergency services to our community. The NWVFR responds to over 1700 request for help each

year. The North Warren District has seen much growth in retail and industry as well as residential

homes in the  last few years. This puts great demand on the volunteer fire companies in

this County.


This is your way of giving back to the community. It’s also a unique way of protecting

your loved ones and your home.

If responding to emergencies is not your interest you could help on the support side by assisting

with fund raisers and special functions.

"NWVFR Is An Integral Part Of The Warren County Fire And Rescue Services".

Ambulance and Fire training is provided locally.

WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME?                                                   

 Excitement, Camaraderie,  Satisfaction of helping others, social activities the whole family can

    be involved in.

    Benefits of Becoming a Volunteer:

·    Free gym membership.

·    Warren County sponsored  tax credit for being a Volunteer. 

·    Training and equipment at  no cost to you.

·    Heritage and camaraderie that is a tradition in the fire service.

·    Excitement that comes with running emergency calls. 

·    Learning leadership skills.

·    Resume Builder.

     Endless Opportunities!

  “HOMETOWN HEROES”  benefits. (Discounts at various businesses locally)


Come by the station and talk to one of the members and pick up an application. Take a tour

of the station! If no one’s at the station at that particular time you can go by the Warren County

 Fire & Rescue office at 200 Skyline Vista Dr. (across from high school) WCFR

Application Requirements

Be of good moral character. Applicant must have no conviction for arson, controlled substance,

theft, or robbery within ten years prior to applying for membership. Applicant must have no

prior convictions for sex offenses and if required a DMV report must be submitted prior to the

applicant being voted on for full membership.

Must get fingerprinted per state law.


To all our friends and supporters of North Warren Fire and Rescue,

the board of directors has decided not to hold our July and August pancake breakfasts. 

This decision was made after evaluating related income versus expenses which revealed

very little profit the first half of this year.  We will be discussing the status of this and

other fundraising efforts at our next membership meeting.  As always, we greatly appreciate

the community's continued support of our organization as we move forward. 



 THE CALL - Portrait of American Volunteer Firefighters




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